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Presentation Brothers College (PBC) is a Catholic secondary school founded by the Presentation Brothers. The school in Grenada was established in 1947. Over the years PBC has been a force to be reckoned with at the Intercol games, winning the title on four occasions; the last time being 1976. The school has produced many outstanding athletes such as George “Goaty” Robinson, Daniel Dubisette and Aleigh McIntyre, in more recent times. 

The education offered includes the development of confidence and a healthy self-image. Therefore, skills and competencies necessary for life are promoted and actively encouraged, as are sports, culture and leisure time activities. As a Catholic school and in the Presentation tradition, religious Education has an important place in the life of the school.
Moral Training and character formation require that an aptitude of mind and heart be developed in each student which enable him to live an upright Christian life in whatever circumstances he may find himself. A healthy religious atmosphere is essential to this delicate work. The College seeks to create this atmosphere with its emphasis on Christian living, religious education and liturgical and devotional practice.


The atmosphere of the College is a family one, based upon respect for the dignity of each person. The discipline maintained aims at helping in character formation and it is concerned especially with the development of a correct attitude to freedom and responsibility. Good human relations in a community foster self-esteem in the individual. Respect for the unique worth of each individual is promoted; sincerity, openness and truth are encouraged. Hence, the atmosphere of the College, and the quality of the relationships formed there are seen as some of the more important formative influences at work in the school.
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